5-3"T"Stack Defense

U stack'em - U rack'em

Welcome Football Coaches:

  ***The 5-3 "T" Stack Defense ***


By Coach Rich Gonzalez:

   I'm a current certified jr. High and High School Football Coach in the State of Iowa.  l would like to introduce you to an aggressive style of Defensive Football with the use of the Triple Stack 5-3 Defense (The triple stack comes from the Linebackers/D-linemen stack stunts). This Playbook was composed by me through my years of coaching. This is the Defense I count on time after time to stop just about any offense in their tracks.

   *This is truly a run stopping Defense*

The T-Stack Defense:

 My 5-3 T-Stack is different than the traditional 5-3 Defense because it uses up to a triple stack formation Defensive front in creating confusion for the offensive linemen blocking assignments, thus creating opportunities for your Linebackers or "D" Line to get penetration at the Line of Scrimmage and disrupting your opponents offensive plays.

 My Defense is primarily designed for youth level football 3rd through 8th grades. Your Players will love to execute this dynamic style of football and you will have great success stopping just about any Offense you face.


 If you are just starting out coaching football or for veteran coaches looking to change their Defensive look up front and put confusion on the Offensive line, this playbook is for you !!!!!!

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